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Credit Card and Debt Defense

Debt is a fact of life. Unfortunately, many families in Michigan

are so buried in debt that they are crippled by high monthly payments and interest rates. If you are unable to pay your debts to creditors, if credit card companies are contacting you for payments you cannot make, if you are unable to make payments due on loans or notes, you need to know that you have options other than bankruptcy.


We negotiate reductions for people who are deep in debt, working to reduce the principle and interest rates and entering into a manageable long-term payment schedule. In most cases, our clients need have no
contact with the creditor. We go to work for you – not the credit card
companies – to come to the most favorable terms for you.

If you have been sued for credit card debt, we can help. We have successfully defended lawsuits filed against our clients by these and other creditors:

Cach, L.L.C.

Asset Acceptance Corporation

Midland Funding, L.L.C.

Cavalry SPV I, L.L.C.

Portfolio Recovery


American Express

Capital One​